Tuesday 2 January 2007

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About John Sawyer and this writing BLOG

This is part of my personal site. While there are lots of other sites dealing with with my Information Technology career, my personal site deals with my community, political and recreational activities.

This BLOG started life as a standard WWW page, but I've transferred the stories here because it's easier to publish and the standard tools offer better facilities to get my stories read.

What's Up

I'm involved in a number of community activities. The main one is:

I continue:

What's with the icon?

A friend thought my  photo was a bit corporate.


So I changed to a close-up taken from a illustration I did of Friday Chorus in 2007

Coco, John, Ruth and Tony- Click to see a bigger version

Some links


I donate spare time on my computers to BOINC Australia, “a group of ordinary computer users with a strong interest in helping Scientific Research. By using the idle time on our computers we assist scientists in finding cures for cancer, influenza and other diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, search for extraTerrestrial intelligence and help with numerous other scientific projects.”

I don’t actually search for extraTerrestrial intelligence. It is often hard to find any here on earth.


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